Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Photography

With the official arrival of Winter, I thought I would put together something about photographing this time of year. With the snow and sleet tapping at my window as I write this, what topic would be better for a blog post?

Winter is one of my favorite times to get out and explore with my camera. The crowds are gone, the air is usually much clearer and with the leaves gone, it's to find critters to watch. A little snow on the ground also makes it easier to find signs of those critters, not to mention how the snow looks on the trees.

The lighting this time of year can be very dramatic with sun much lower on the horizon that it is at othet times of the year. That light coming in at a low angle can add dramatic shadows and texture to your photos.

That low sun also means that the magic hour lasts longer. I'm not a big fan of the short days of winter but there is a positive side to that. With the sun setting so early in the evening, you don't have to worry about staying up late in order to photograph them. :)

The patterns Mother Nature carves into the frozen landscape of drifted snow and ice are only temporary. If you see a photograph, take it! That great photo you saw today may be gone tomorrow. When I spotted this shelf of ice along this creek, I knew there was a photogrph in there somewhere. When I left, I wasn't sure I had what I wanted so I planned on going back the next day. That night we got several inches of snow that completely covered the ice. The shot I had pictured in my mind the day before was gone. I'm glad I took the time to photograph the ice when I did.

Frost is another aspect of winter that I love. Whether it's the intricate patters of frost on a window, or the thick white icing that clings to everything in site, the photo opportunities are endless. The frost never seems to stick around long so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.

Don't be afraid of the cold. Get out there and capture the beauty of this great time of year. Stay warm!